Selective Color using GIMP

1. Launch GIMP
2. Open your photo from the File menu
3. Select Duplicate Layer from the Layer menu. This will create a duplicate photo on top of the orginal.
4. Open the Layers Toolbox (Windows > Dockable Dialog > Layers).
5. You should see two layers, both layers will use the filename for the layer name but the duplicate will have copy appended to the end.
6. Make sure the duplicate layer is selected.
7. Select Desaturate from the Colors menu.
8. From the desaturate popup select which every option looks best.
9. With the copied layer still selected create a Layer Mask (Layers>Masks>Add Layer Mask)
10. From the Add Layer Mask popup select White (full opacity)
11. Select the Paintbrush tool from the Toolbox and paint with black over the areas you want color to show through.
12. Once finshed select Fatten Image from the Image menu.
13. Save the finshed photo.