Sitecore Habitat Installation Issues

I’ve recently attempted to setup a Sitecore Habitat solution by following instructions from the GitHub site.

This was not as straight forward as I’d hoped. The following are some issues I had to resolve along the way.

Web Forms For Marketers

Ensure this is installed correctly and working. Although I had installed the module and it appear to be successful, when I checked System/Modules/Web Forms for Marketers items were missing. The problem didn’t become apparent until Unicorn tried to sync items relating to WFFM.

I also discovered although it’s not mentioned in the Habitat documentation MongoDB is required for WFFM to work correctly with Habitat.


After installing NodeJS I ran npm install from the root of the Habitat repository as instructed. However this kept failing while trying to install node-sass with a 404 error. Running npm install node-sass to manually install the package before running npm install resolved the issue for me.

Editing repository files

Make sure any files you’ve been editing are not open by another application

Unicorn Sync

Although the sync process should work fine through Visual Studio Task Runner. I found it more successful to run it through a command prompt using gulp.\


Even after a success npm install I received a gulp command not found error when running gulp from a command prompt. Running npm install –global gulp-cli in the repository root resolved the problem.