Sitecore items not visible on website

Sometimes you may find an item appears in both the master and web database’s. But when you navigate to that item on the live website site either a 404 returned, or in the case of a component it’s not visible.

This could be because the item has publishing restrictions in place. There’s a few places to check:

  1. Log into Sitecore.
  2. Open the Content Editor.
  3. Select the View tab and ensure Standard Values is checked.
  4. Navigate to the offending item using the content tree and select it.
  5. Using the right panel scroll down to the Publishing section.
  6. Check the dates are either empty or valid for displaying the item as of today.
  7. At the bottom of the Publishing section there is a Never Publish checkbox, make sure this is unchecked.

If workflow is in place it might be worth checking the Workflow selection for this item. The state field will highlight where in the workflow this item is. However if the item is’t approved it shouldn’t show in the web database.

If the above doesn’t help its worth republishing the item or its parent..