Adding bold, italic and strike through text in WhatsApp

Not many people know WhatsApp now allows bold, italic and strike through text. However it’s hidden as there no button to apply the text formatting. 

To bold up, you need to but an asterisk on either side of the word, like *this*, while italics need an underscore on either side of a _word_, and strikethrough a tildes (those squiggly hyphens), just like ~this~. Feeling jazzy? You can even combine commands for *_bolditalics_* attention grabbing. 

Nokia Lumia 930 Purple Hue Fix

Go to Settings > Brightness and set brightness setting to “Automatic” and “Medium”

Find a dark area and turn the display off and then on by pressing the Power button twice

Go to Settings > Display and then click on “Brightness Profile”

Increase the brightness by moving the slider to the right, which will remove the purple tint from the grey bar on the bottom of the UI.

Windows Phone 8.1 Hints & Tips

The following are hints & tips which introduce some of the new features found in Windows Phone 8.1

General System

  • To take a screenshot press the power button and volume up button together
  • Tap the search icon opens Cortana normally (with a text field and mic icon). Tap and hold the search button will launch her in audio mode directly
  • You can choose which apps can run during battery saver mode in battery sense go to Settings > Battery Saver > Usage > adjust apps allowed to run in the background.
  • In calendar if you go on month view there a drop down menu
  • To get the three columns go to setting > Start + Theme and you will see the option show more tiles
  • In the multitasking window you can now close an app or game by swiping down
  • You no longer lose audio volume setting when you restart a device
  • Press the volume button and expand it until VIBRATE ON/OFF is shown, you can set your ringer volume and toggle vibrate on and off using the text block
  • If you add the WPCentral website to your startscreen, you automatically get a live tile that flips with headlines every 5 seconds this also works with CNN.
  • New built-in Battery Saver app has a transparent live tile with actual battery life
  • To turn narrator off, press and hold the Volume up button and press the Start button
  • Turn on App Backup in Back up menu to store your scores, and data related to apps installed in the phone
  • Now you can play your music while playing games, sometimes it may make the game crash
  • If you are in a game when you press the search button once nothing will happen
  • Go to >Battery Saver> “Usage” you can view all installed apps you will see the apps “Allowed” to run in the background you can select the apps you want to disable in the background
  • To move apps and games to an SD card go to Storage Sense > Phone > apps & games you should be able to see the option (not available for devices without an SD Card)
  • If you have an SD Card in your device and you want to install that app, just go to: Store > Tap the “…” on the Lower Right of the Screen > Install Local Apps > Tadaan~

Action Centre

  • With the Action Centre you can choose how far you want it to drop down to
  • You can change the action center buttons to open functions that otherwise you had to go into settings to do; like internet sharing or turning wireless off and on.
  • For the Action Centre to choice a quick action go to Settings > notifications + actions > Choose your quick actions


  • You can force the store to check for updates to your existing apps in addition to the ability to configure automatic updating do this by going to setting > store >apps updates
  • In the store you have that grey search bar at bottom of the screen. You can swipe it up from the left side of the bar and close it by swiping any where in the bar downwards

Xbox Music

  • You can now add, remove and reorganize your songs inside a track list you already have
  • Now you can send your songs via Email. In the now playing section of Xbox music bring of the menu, and hit share. It’ll send song info and a full .wma of the song you’re listening to


  • WP8.1 has brought alot of new emojis which include those that were previously on IOS7
  • When typing or swyping a message emoticons will now show up on word suggestions
  • If you want comma back on the keyboard go to settings > keyboard
  • On the keyboard if you highlight a word and tap the shift key it will cycle between uppercase, lowercase and camel case.

​Internet Explorer 11

  • Internet Explorer 11 you can go back and forward to swipe from the edges to the middle.


  • To get the ability to upload a selection of photos to OneDrive from the Photos Hub, create a OneDrive Room in the People hub. Then, you can share to the OneDrive Room. You can move the photos wherever you want afterwards using the OneDrive app.

Thanks to Windows Phone Central

Local Scout missing from Lumia phones

When I first got my Lumia phone I removed the Local Scout Live Tile. A few days later I wanted to use it, but it wasn’t in the application list. It turns out its part of Microsoft Maps which Nokia replace with Nokia Maps. However Microsoft Maps can be restored from Windows Market, once installed open Maps and select Local Scout from bottom row of icons. Hitting the three dots once in Local Scout will allow you to pin the Live Tile back.

Windows Phone 8 and IMAP

After getting quite frustrated trying to configure an IMAP mailbox (Tiscali) on Windows Phone 8 I've finally got it sorted. Originally I was navigating to settings > email+accounts > add an account > other account (POP and IMAP). After entering my email details the account was automatically created as a POP account. So I changed the POP server address to IMAP with the correct port of 143 and hit sync, which failed. This process works perfectly on iOS and Android but no matter what details I enter the sync always failed.

The solutions is to select advanced from the add an account menu, then select other account (POP and IMAP) from here. On the next screen you will be able to selected between POP and IMAP using a dropdown.