Wireless not working on Dell E6400 (Broadcom chip) after installing Linux

Dell have a history of using different components in the same model of laptop. Some Dell E6400’s have Intel wireless cards and others Broadcom (BCM43xx chip).

Unfortunately Ubuntu and its derivatives such as Mint do not include Broadcom wireless drivers as standard. However its quite simple to get wireless working.

1. Open Terminal and enter the following to check your laptop is using a Broadcom device.

lspci | grep Network

2. Open Software Center, search for and install the following packages



3. Reboot, if wireless is still not working you will need to install kernel driver by entering the following in Terminal

sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source

4. Reboot

Cleaning up a linux distribution

I have recently returned to world of Linux after using OSX for the past few years. Athough Linux is better than Windows at keeping it’s self optermised, just like OSX it needs a helping hand now and again.

Clearing left over files etc can be done manually, however I did wounder if an equivalent to CCleaner exists.

I discovered Bleachbit which appears to work well. Using Mint Linux, Bleachbit can be installed using the following terminal command.

sudo apt-get install bleachbit