Excel quick cell merge

Excel doesn’t have a quick shortcut for merging cells. There are key sequences or macros which will do the trick. 

However one of the quickest solution is to merge one set of cells using the Merge cell option in the cell properties window. Then select the next set of cells to merge and hit F4, this will repeat the last action and merge the cells. 

Outlook permissions ‘default’ user

By default Outlook creates a ‘default’ user for each folder/component. Setting permissions on default applies to everyone on your Exchange server. For example setting the default user to reviewer on your calendar grants everyone connected to your Exchange server reviewer rights to your calendar.

Change CSV delimiter in Excel

If you are trying to save a CSV file in Excel but want to change the comma to something else its not obvious how to do it.

The CSV delimiter to not selected in Excel, it is in fact part of the regional settings.

1. Open Control Panel and double click Region and Language.
2. Click the Additional settings button on the formats tab.
3.  Change this list separator to the delimiter required in your CSV.
4. Click Apply.

Excel will now using the updated list separator when saving CSVs.

Change font sizes in Outlook

Outlook 200 Select View -> Current View -> Customize Current View… from the menu in Outlook.

In Outlook 2003 View -> Arrange By -> Current View -> Customize Current View.

Click Other Settings.

Click on Row Font.

Choose the desired font, font style and size.

Click OK.

Optionally, change the font for the column headings as well by clicking Column Font….