Adding bold, italic and strike through text in WhatsApp

Not many people know WhatsApp now allows bold, italic and strike through text. However it’s hidden as there no button to apply the text formatting. 

To bold up, you need to but an asterisk on either side of the word, like *this*, while italics need an underscore on either side of a _word_, and strikethrough a tildes (those squiggly hyphens), just like ~this~. Feeling jazzy? You can even combine commands for *_bolditalics_* attention grabbing. 

LG G Pad 8.3 Factory Reset / Download / Recovery Mode

Factory Reset Mode
1. With Device Powered Off And Unplugged
2. Press and hold Power Button + Volume Down
3. When the LG logo shows up, release the power button only
4. Now press and hold the Power and Volume Up button while keeping your hold on the Volume Down button
5. When the factory reset screen appears, release your hold on all buttons
6. Follow On Screen Indications

Download Mode
1. With Device Powered Off And Unplugged
2. Press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down
3. Now Plug In USB Cable

Recovery Mode
1. Use Flashify Or Any Other App Out There For The Effect Has No Key Combo Discovered Yet
2. If you have adb just type: adb reboot recovery

Disable MLT on LG phones

The MLT is a useless service found on LG Android phones. By disabling it you can save up to 100 Mb of ram.

Enter the service menu by entering the following in the phone dialer


For the LG G3 the phone model would be 855.

From the service menu scroll down until you find MLT Test

From the MLT test menu untick Enable MLT On Boot.

Android Tools SDK will not install – Java JDK is missing

When installing the Android development tools you may find the installer cannot find the Java JDK even though it’s installed. By default the installer is looking in the Windows/System folder for the java.exe.

For the installer to function correctly you need to create an environment variable to the JDK.

1. Open Control Panel
2. Open System
3. Click Advanced system settings
4. Click Environment Variables
5. Click New under System variables
6. Enter JAVA_HOME for the variable name
7. Enter the path to the JDK folder i.e. C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_05 (notice the use of forward slashes in the path rather than back slashed)
8. Click Ok to all the open dialogs
9. Restart the Android SDK Tools installer.

Does your Nexus fail to appear in Windows Explorer?

Then try the following

1. Enable USB debugging: Go to phone settings -> About -> Tap build number repeatedly until developer menu is enabled. Go there and tick USB debugging.
2. On your PC, go to your device manager (when the Phone is plugged in and set to MTP), locate the phone, right click on it -> properties
3. go to the Driver tab
4. click Update Driver
5. click Browse my Computer for driver software
6. click Let my pick…
7. select USB Composite Device
8. finish up with the assistant

Remove Picasa Albums from Androids Gallery

When adding a new Google account to an Android device all sync options are selected by default. One of these is photos from Picasa. The folders will show up in your gallery, which you may not want.

To remove the folders untick the photos option under your Google account on the device. Then go to Settings > Apps > All > Gallery > Clear Cache > Clear Data.

Google Play Store – Removing multiple entries from My Apps list

Note: This will only work with version 3.9.16 or greater of the Google Play Store.

1. Open the Google Play Store from your Android device.

2. Open the menu and select My Apps.

3. Press and hold the first entry you would like to remove.

4. The entry will be highlighted and the top bar will change to a check mark with a delete button (X)

5. Top each entry you would like to remove.

6. Once they are all highlighted press the delete button (X).

Individual entries can be removed by tapping the "X" to the right of each one. However by using this method the appllication list is recreated each time an entry is deleted.