Remove Edge Extensions Using Powershell

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Sometimes the extension Edge become ‘stuck’. They don’t work, Windows Store will attempt to reinstall, but they get stuck in a cycle. Using PowerShell the extension can be removed completely, then reinstalled, which should fix most problems. The below example … Continued

Notepad++ stuck installing a plugin

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Sometimes Notepad++ will fail while installing a plugin. This may cause Notepad++ to attempt a reinstall each time the application is started. To stop this happening perform the following steps. Navigate to %APPDATA%\Notepad++\plugins\Config\ Delete PluginManagerGpup.xml. Removing this file will also result in … Continued

Re-activate Windows 10 after a hardware change

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Microsoft introduced a new feature along with Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It’s now possible to link your Microsoft account with the Windows 10 digital license on your device. This allow quick re-activation through the Windows Activation Troubleshooter. Link you account … Continued

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